Table at 7

Restaurant Week is happening again. For the past few restaurant weeks I have booked an average of 3 meals in the one week duration but H and I decided to cut down this week, so it’s just down to 2 meal engagements for me – one with my group of girl friends back from secondary school days and one with the family on Sunday.

The first meal took place last night, at an European & Indonesian cuisine restaurant called Table at 7. I’ve long heard about this establishment but with H being a fastidious eater, I hadn’t been brave enough to patronise with him in tow. Restaurant Week came into the picture, and since my regular dinner gathering with the gals coincided within the week it was perfect opportunity to visit and have some fun.

This gathering was somehow fraught with unfortunate events nearing the date. An initial company of 8 reduced to 7, then to 6 and eventually down to 5. Weather hasn’t been good of late, even I almost succumbed to it. H was asking if I still wanted to go since I had been sniffing my nose off the whole day and it did cross my mind to skip it but I was looking forward to catching up so… the rest is history.

I got to the restaurant early simply because the vicinity is notorious for lack of parking, especially on Friday nights. And waited half an hour at our table reading off my kindle and soaking in the atmosphere. It was full house at the restaurant. Guess Restaurant Week really does good for the restaurants involved.

The Restaurant Week set dinner menu offered little variation but had choices enough to make all five of us happy. We unanimously chose Menado Style Style Seafood Salad, Prawn, Squid and Scallop in Tangy Tomato and Kafir Lime Dressing as our starter, followed by Cappuccino of Jerusalem Artichoke with Truffle Espuma as our entrée alongside some fresh bread. I really loved these two courses – the salad was fresh to the palate and appetising, to say the least. And the soup… I just wished there was more of it.

As for the main course, J and I opted for the Chargrilled Black Angus Ribeye served with Organic Vegetables, Porcini Mash and Shallot Confit while E, M and S opted for the Balinese Style Chilean Sea Bass served with Coconut Rice, Wilted Greens and Lemon Basil. J and I were very happy with our ribeye. It seemed like a small portion but surprisingly was satisfyingly sufficient. According to the rest of my company that night, the sea bass was also delicious.

Dessert was Lemon Vanilla Soufflé with Fresh Forest Berries and Raspberry Coulis, and we ended the delectable 2-hour dinner with coffee or tea. I don’t over-analyse the food I put into my mouth like some other food bloggers so I am just going to conclude that I was very happy with the dinner. If only the waiting time weren’t as long, but S was right in pointing out that most restaurants participating in the Restaurant Week are probably not ready for full house when they are usually just about 60-70% filled so we should be more understanding. In any case, there was a lot of catching up to do so we were quite self-entertained while waiting for the next course to be served. But during the course of dinner, I thought often of the gals who couldn’t join us at dinner because they were down with various ailments. They would have appreciated the good food too. Well, there’s always the next time.

For the next gathering, we have set our eyes on Jamie’s Kitchen. Having difficulty making a reservation for a date 2 months down the road though…

Table at 7
7 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238957
Tel: +65-6836-6362
Opening Hours:
1130-1430hrs (Mon-Fri)
1830-2300hrs (Mon-Sat)


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