Metaphorically speaking, that is. I have not blogged in more than half a month, and going by my track record, that is a relatively long period of absence. Not that something significant has happened on the home-front (although if you consider a big fight with H resulting in an overnight soirée of sorts at the parents’ crying my heart out one, then yes there was) that caused it. I guess I am simply partially upset that the post on my blog that garnered the most interest happened to be a restaurant review, and it was one I wasn’t even impressed with at that.

That discovery gave me pause. I don’t blog for anyone except to please myself, and to ventilate when I need to. H knows to read this blog to know what is really going on in my mind because I am better with written than spoken words. And since brevity has never been my strongest suit, he has been suffering much reading nonsense sometimes. I’m thinking of putting a stop to that and turning to communicating better with him via spoken words.

Of course, the fact that a restaurant review is the most popular post also kind of crushed my ego. And told me that putting effort and heart into writing a blog is not exactly essential because why? That popular post did not even take me more than 5 minutes to write. Processing the photographs that went with the post took more time.

This is simply ridiculous.

I want some time away to think about the future direction of a blog. Yes, even one that I set up to please myself deserves some respect.

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