She is 8!

Paris is 8

This day came more quickly than I imagined it would. I still remember the day when we picked her up to go home with us. It was close to Christmas Day in 2005 and she was but a 3-4 kg skinny little puppy. H was picking ticks off her (the breeder’s home was infested!) and it was then that this sassy little girl got irritated with the attention, got away from his grasp and went hiding under a chair. H said her temper was the reason why he decided upon her. 😆

It is true that she became H’s little girl while I paid most of my attention to the first furkid and now, the youngest furkid. These two will always share a special bond.

We never had a senior dog but we are learning along the way as we observe how Paris has slowed down over the years. She still has that playful side to her but more often than not, she prefers to make her way to the bed around bedtime rather than hang around us. Definitely sleeping a lot more and wanting more quiet time to herself. All signs of graceful aging, I suppose.

Stay cool Paris darling and Happy Birthday!

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