Back to the Basics

Against my better judgement, I have decided to make a solo trip to Osaka, a city I am not so intimately familiar with as opposed to Tokyo. To make this seem an even more illogical decision, I had been wheezing for days prior to the trip (weather turning cold especially in the middle of the night) and was actually running a temperature on the morning of departure. What can I say, apart from the sad fact that my obstinate nature oftentimes cloud my judgement. Why, even my GP was not pleased to hear that I was travelling the same afternoon after a consultation with him in the morning. He went on to shake his head to himself when I corrected him that the mister would not be travelling with me and that I will be very much on my own.

Although a short 7-day trip, I found it profoundly difficult to pack for the trip in part due to the wide temperature range between 1 and 19 degree Celsius. Also it has been a while since I travelled in Autumn: I know how to pack for places hovering around the freezing point but this?

Because I will be completely alone this time round (previous two solo trips saw the mister joining me midway into the trip), I have decided to cut everything down to the basics. Not bringing along my laptop was the first decision i made. It was a simple enough decision – my 4-year old Macbook Pro isn’t exactly considered featherweight. But to ditch my DSLR in favour of a simple 3.5-year old P&S required a lot more convincing. My common sense won over: with the wheeze I really ought not be travelling heavy. Furthermore it has been a while since I travelled solely with a P&S. Without the luxury of the technical aspects on a DSLR to tinkle with, one really needs to think a little more to take good pictures on a P&S. Not impossible, just require better decisions. Photography is really about the person behind the lens, and not so much about the equipment. So be very suspicious of the overzealous salesman who tells you that a certain piece of photographic equipment will make you a better photographer. It doesn’t work this way; for the lucky ones a keen eye is all they need, for the rest of the people like me, practice. Lots and lots of it.

Travelling light is probably the kindest decision I can make for myself. The medicine takes time to work its magic so I was still wheezing some walking around the departure hall with just my haversack after checking-in. Then it got loads worse when I realised that the departure gate has been changed from the one nearest to the one furthest away. I was pissed and anxious about making it there in good time. I could barely handle the load I was carrying, and I shuddered at the thought of what could have happened if I had insisted on lugging my DSLR along.

All in all, nothing has failed from my philosophy to go back to the basics for this trip although this P&S has yet to be tested in several situations e.g. night skyline of Osaka atop the observatory and capturing beautiful autumn foliage at the national park. I will find out soon, I guess.

Wish me luck, ‘coz I’m gonna need a lot of it to survive the week.



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