Level 2 Passed!

Beginner Results

Today is the day. It’s been a while since I took exams so I was rather excited about receiving the results. I did well in the areas I am strongest in – Grammar, Vocabulary and Listening. Kind of expecting the reading component to be poor, but the low score in the writing component took me by surprise. I guess I must have done very badly in my essay. Which is kind of strange because I have been doing consistently well in my weekly essay assignments. The markers must not like what I have written, I suppose.

Except for the extremely low score in writing (which I’m really disappointed with), I’m happy with the rest of the scores because they truly reflect how I felt about the paper when I took it. I was aiming for an average score of 90% prior to taking the paper, and 85% isn’t really that far off, I guess. Who am I kidding? 😆

Now that I am certified Level 2, I should be working toward Level 4 next. My 선생님 was suggesting that I try the Intermediate Paper next October. I might, if I have confidence that I might pass Level 4. Otherwise I will just wait a little longer till I actually reach the level because there is really no point taking the Intermediate Paper twice to be graded Level 3, then Level 4. I was actually not that prepared for this paper – some of the Grammar I only encountered in class recently. So I guess my classmates should be much better equiped (knowledge-wise) when they take the paper in Apr.

So, if you are with the Sogang Textbooks, you will be truly prepared for TOPIK Beginner Paper if you complete Student Book 2B. However, you can attempt the paper when you have completed 2A, like in my case. Just that you will find the paper more challenging.


2 thoughts on “Level 2 Passed!

    • genn says:

      Thanks! Congrats to you too, for passing Level 4!

      I love the Vocabulary and Grammar part too, because that is the only section that gives me hope that I might actually score LOL.

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