Restaurant Week @ Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

I have such a long list of posts I have to return to, but decided this one should be moved to the top of the queue because out of the numerous Restaurant Week meals we’ve had, my family was most satisfied with our experience at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant located at Marriot Hotel. For some reason or another, we’ve never dined at Wan Hao before and I was counting down to this dinner with some trepidation because reviews I read online were mixed. You could say I was looking forward to the dinner, expecting things to go wrong.

002 - Menu

But we were all very pleasantly surprised by this meal. In fact it completely blew our minds. I loved every single dish on the set dinner menu, with the exception of the dessert. And that was only because I didn’t particularly liked the fruit (the identity completely eludes me now) they used as the main ingredient in the dessert. In particular I loved the double boiled soup and the braised mushroom with sea cucumber. Really delectable!

004 - Complimentary

009 - Lemon Chicken

010 - Vegetables

In addition to the dishes included in the set menu, we were served with a complimentary starter, lemon chicken and a plate of vegetables, of which the latter two were ordered mainly for H in mind since he didn’t take to some of the dishes in the set menu. According to the captain, the complimentary starter was a new creation and they wanted to gather some feedback. I cannot remember what it was made of, but it was tasty all the same… and somewhat messy to consume. Now, the lemon chicken was another story altogether. It tasted different from the other lemon chickens we’ve had before, and it single-handedly beats all the other dishes we had that night, hands down. There was just something different about the taste. Everyone in the family agreed that was the best dish of the night, followed closely by the braised mushroom and sea cucumber.

[P/S. H read this post after it went live, and immediately WA to correct me: we concluded that the vegetables was the nicest dish of the night. Strangely enough, I don’t remember much of the veggies though. LOL.]

Overall, the meal was very affordable as it was Restaurant Week and my family isn’t in the habit of wine-drinking. Value for money, definitely. And all 6 of us went home very happy that night because it was just a good dinner, way beyond our expectations.

018 - Restaurant Entrance

Farewell, Wan Hao. We are certainly coming back for more meals.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant
320 Orchard Road
Singapore Marriot Hotel
Singapore 238865
Tel: +65-6831-4605


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