The Way Ahead

I’ve decided to just take it slow with my learning the Korean Language. Why? Because I read someone’s blog and she recently passed her Level 6. Now she is kind of lost because there is nothing to work going ahead (Level 6 is the highest level to be attained in TOPIK).

That got me thinking. I’m an objective-based person, but I happen to love the process of getting to my objectives too. And I really love my teacher and my classmates, in particular my clique in class. At the rate I’m going, I should attain Level 6 in approximately another 3-4 years. What’s going to happen after that? I really don’t know. I had wanted to assist some chinese websites at subbing Korean drama series but I’m not sure if I am prepared to be in this for the long haul (although this is a sure way to ensure I remain motivated to improve in the language).

The problem with me is, I neglected to visualise the end point of this Korean Language learning (at least classroom-based learning) because it was a very far away destination back then when I first started. I’m inching just a little closer to it now. And I still enjoy learning new stuff about the language every week. This enthusiasm surprises even H, I’m pretty sure. I practically skip to class every Wed! I wasn’t so committed when I was learning Japanese. Sure, I love the beautiful language but there was just no incentive to be very good in the language (I don’t have a Japanese group that I love, and I’m selective about their dramas nowadays). Just enough to tide us through when we explore the rural areas of Japan, which we are beginning to do.

I hope this enthusiasm persists.

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