-2 and Taking Stock

We’re down to 2 more days of 2013 before welcoming the new year. High time I take stock of this year after having been missing from the blogging scene for almost a month.

2013 is definitely going down as a year of many ‘Firsts’ for me – I finally decided to embark on a language immersion programme, and I took a week-long trip to Japan all by myself. This is also the year where I decided to remove some ‘toxins’ in my life. Sure I do think about them once in a while, but considering the hurt I will surely feel if I continue being friends with them, I think I’m better off without. They are not my family and not the closest friends I want to keep forever, so suffering due to them is not an option.

Looking back on the things I’ve done, I can only conclude that one of my biggest fortune in life is having been born to great parents, followed by choosing the right life partner. Because of them, I have been leading a good life without needs. I’m really not so much into astrology and the likes, but I’ve always thought that I am the exact epitome of a Cancerian. Recently I read an article on Weibo about how perverse a Cancerian can be (it gives an interesting insight to this horoscope sign apart from the usual). And horror of all horror, I find myself agreeing with almost all the points mentioned. I AM like that!


可以这么说一句话… 巨蟹冷漠起来不是人…

相当的狠… 而且绝不回头. 不管是对友情还是爱情… 亲情里除了他最直接的亲人, 其他的人对他来说其实无关紧要.

巨蟹的温柔其实很多的时候是因为他不好意思拒绝… 巨蟹不喜欢看到别人失望的眼神. 不管这个人和他是否熟稔. 不管这个人是否在他心里有位置… 他不拒绝你的要求… 只是因为他不好意思…

巨蟹对你温柔,对你温情只能说明你和他的距离还很远… 根本走不进他的心. 而如果相反, 你发现巨蟹会和你阴阳怪气, 会和你耍脾气的时候… 那么起码证明你已经进入到一定的范围中… 而在这个范围里你又会发现空间很大…

会觉得好像巨蟹对你不是那么在意… 那么你错了… 因为巨蟹是一个超级自卑但是又很自恋的人. 他总是觉得 既然这个人来了, 就不会走了就是他的了. 这也就是为什么很多和巨蟹修成正果的人都是那种耐性超强, 忍耐力超好的人…

你发现巨蟹的空, 只是因为闯入这个范围的人很少. 巨蟹很喜欢和很多人保持一种不明所以的关系.

和巨蟹一起… 第一前提就是不要说谎… 相信我. 巨蟹的敏感和细腻不是一般人可以想像得到的. 如果他在意你… 那么巨蟹会第一感觉就会感觉你的不对劲… 那么就会根据任何分析… 得出最后的结论你是否在说谎.

巨蟹的话语表达都很隐晦… 很少人能明白巨蟹真正想要表达的意思. 会觉得巨蟹很难猜. 其实巨蟹隐晦的说话方式… 是不想把所有话都挑明了来说… 这样会很伤不管是伤人还是伤己都是巨蟹不想看到的. 隐晦的说… 只是想给彼此一个机会坦白.

I cannot say ‘No’ even to people I don’t care very much for, and when I have decided to harden my heart, there is no turning back. More importantly, I have a temper and I only flare up in front of my loved ones. I don’t know why the article is so spot on about so many things I never quite understood about myself. Well it’s never too late to find out.


This probably best summarises what I am all about. Taking the easier route is just not the way I live.

I have been thinking about New Year resolutions. Going to make some that are different from previous years’.


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