I know what the general consensus about a new year and new resolutions are: that nobody seems to be able to keep the resolutions, and come next year, the exact same resolutions will be made again. All true, yet I don’t let this repeated process perturb me. In this sense, I’m surprisinging forward looking: I look forward to making new resolutions at the beginning of every year, like how I like to start a brand new diary.

One of the major decisions I made at the beginning of the year was to ensure that I took back control of my life. My health in particular. It helped that I finally found the way to keep my asthma in check. Last November I travelled to Osaka on my own while nursing a nasty infection. After finishing the meds from the doc’s, I religiously puffed the preventive inhaler every single morning and every night because Osaka was cold and I couldn’t afford not to be able to breathe while being on my own. To my immense surprise, it worked. And since it did and I enjoyed not having to be breathless and feeling constricted in my chest, I continued the daily habit.

For 2 whole months I could breathe properly without any sign of an impending asthma attack. Finally I had to visit the doc’s for more of the preventive inhaler. To say he was extremely surprised that I didn’t have an attack during the 2 months when Singapore is at its coolest was a gross understatement. And of course he had to add a ‘I told you so’ because he had been trying to get me to use the preventive inhaler for years. Years. But I refused because I had a warped logic about not wanting to rely on it permanently. He went on to explain how his other asthmatic patients cut down their reliance on the preventive inhaler over the years but told me to keep to my daily morning and night puffs first since it was working so well for me.

Honestly, I like having to breathe well. And I’m thankful I finally found the method to do so.

The other slight change I took was to introduce probiotics into my system. Or perhaps I should say, re-introduce. This particular brand of probiotics, I once took it for a month a couple of years back and found that it worked to keep my irritable bowels in check. Then I stopped because it was not exactly convenient to purchase it in Singapore. However my IBS has gone from bad to worse over the years; rarely am I able to sit through a meal without needing to rush to the washroom immediately. And most of the time, I had diarrhea. H can attest to that because I frequently run to the toilet at home in the middle of meals due to tummy aches. After re-introducing the probiotics into my system, this scenario has been cut down substantially and I find myself having diarrhea much less often.

I still need to lose a lot of weight, amongst other issues but I’m grateful two of more inconvenient and life-impeding problems have been addressed.


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