Weighty Issues

Making a trip to the vet’s every beginning of the year for their annual vaccination is something we’ve been doing for the longest time. 10 years to be exact, since we first got Sugar. I actually do look forward to these scheduled visits to the vet’s and we always insist on seeing the most senior vet. He’s been clocking lesser and lesser hours over the years so we often resort to seeing other vets during our unplanned visits but whenever he is present, we always request to see Dr. Chua. Especially during the girls’ annual check-ups where we need the vet to assess their general wellbeing accurately within the short few minutes of consultation.

Girls at Vet's 2014

Paris: 35.3 kg (right)
Belle: 26.6 kg (left)

Paris is officially obese (needs to lose about 5 kg), and Belle ‘is getting there’ according to Dr. Chua. H has been cutting down on the food fed to them especially Paris because I too, have noticed that she keeps piling on weight. He’s feeding her so little he feels bad for her. So I guess Dr. Chua’s advice on switching her to senior food has merits. Truth is, I have been wanting to switch her over but that would require some research on my part and I’ve been… lazy.

Finally got that sorted out too. And instructed our regular supplier-friend to send the food over the next time we order the girls’ food. We do that monthly. I also told H I want to personally feed Paris to monitor her progress and how well she is taking to the new food (H does all the feeding) but he just rolled his eyes. I know exactly why he did that – he sometimes feeds them as early as 5 am; it’s just too early for me. 😆

Anyways, apart from the weight issues my girls are in great shape. Glad to hear that.


2 thoughts on “Weighty Issues

  1. mickcgorman says:

    I always struggled to maintain Luca at a healthy weight, he was his best at around 30kg, he did sneak up to 36kg once! My fault for giving him treats too often. He lived to be 12 years old before dying of bone cancer he was young looking and active right until the end. 🙂
    Your dogs look gorgeous to me.

    • genn says:

      LOL I know exactly what you mean, Mick! I just can’t resist those eyes of theirs!

      Sorry to hear about Luca; he sounded like a fantastic dog. But I see that you have a new addition in your home. Hamish looks so cute!

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