A Clean Kitchen

I cannot cope with clutter, yet I cannot help but create clutter what with my hoarding instincts. For some years now, I couldn’t function properly in our little kitchen because the shelves were stuffed to the brim and items were slowly creeping their way to the kitchen tops. There is nothing I loathe more that cluttered kitchen tops; it’s fine for that to occur when I’m trying to whip up a feast or bake but definitely not fine on normal days when the kitchen is not being utilised.

As a result, I spend less and less time in the kitchen because I just don’t enjoy the challenge of finding table top space to put my ingredients, dishes and sauces every single time I cook.

Finally I decided to do something about it. Prior to the start of our massive home spring cleaning in preparation of the lunar new year, I did some research on IKEA’s website. It took me a while to locate a shelf with the desired dimensions to fit into the little gape between the kitchen top and door but I managed to find one.

And then the waiting game began. Because the package apparently weighs about 10 kg, I had to wait for H to be available to visit IKEA with me. That took much longer than I had hoped for: we bought the shelf 3 days prior to the first day of the Lunar New Year, late at night. Needless to say, we didn’t assemble the shelf the same night.

The next morning I started assembling the shelf by myself instead of waiting for H to do it after he knocked off in the evening. I’ve always been a handy person, plus it helps that IKEA’s furniture always comes with very clear illustrated instructions. The shelf was assembled in no time. And thereafter I commenced on my spring cleaning of the kitchen. Told myself I must be brutal with the decluttering efforts, and judging by how much I threw out I think I have been very successful. As a result half of the cabinets were emptied out and I could place the juicer, the steamer, the rice cooker and my Kitchen Aid on the shelf – all within my reach (I’m vertically challenged).

Unfortunately I had neither energy nor desire to declutter the rest of the house before the new lunar year started. The kitchen was one of the areas that required my immediate attention hence despite not having completed on spring cleaning the whole house, I’m still mighty glad about the state of the kitchen now.

Next on, the yard and store room. These areas were previously H’s domain but he is not doing a good job decluttering them so I’m going to lend my support i.e. prod him so he would start moving.


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