More Decluttering

A thought hit me late last year… that all the hoarding and collection I’ve been indulging in over the past decades is going to come to naught when I pass on because at this point I have no one to pass these things on to. It’s probably not a conventional way for a hoarder to ‘wake up’ from the dream but it woke me up. Completely.

Because of this latest revelation, I took a hard look at my earthly possessions and was able to identify a lot more things I could discard, as opposed to the numerous times I attempted to declutter. This time it feels different. I am more resolved and I have been throwing out a lot more things.

I started with the kitchen, to the baking cabinet… and have now moved on to the CD cabinet. Following this I am actually going to take a long, hard look at my book collection. My books and CDs were two collections I never wanted to touch in the past but my mindset has changed since. Priorities too.

Unfortunately I am still unable to get H motivated. He hasn’t been helping much except to bring the black trash bags down to the bin downstairs because they are too big to go down the rubbish chute. Just how do I get him to clean out his stuff too? I really need him to organize the store room…


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