Paris is 9!

And a milestone worth celebrating! I wanted to order a cake to celebrate her birthday since we would be travelling and only be returning the night before her birthday (otherwise I would prefer to bake something myself). As usual, the hubby wasn’t keen. Suffice it to say that we have had some bad experiences with commercial cakes earlier in the girls’ lives. But I put things in perspective: that she won’t live to see another 9 years so we’d better cherish every single birthday we celebrate with her.

He relented because the wife always makes sense.


It was a beautiful cake befitting our sweet furkid. We locked the pesky little furkid out of the kitchen so Paris could take her time to enjoy her cake without having to worry about eating too slowly. We’ve noticed several things about Paris as she aged gracefully: she sleeps a lot more, grumbles a lot more and eats a lot less slowly than before. Basically turning into a stylish grand dame, that girl. 😆


The birthday girl was in a good mood. Not grumpy although it was past her bedtime. We must be in luck!

Stay happy and healthy always, my dear Paris! We still want to be part of your life for many, many years to come.


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