Paris Shaula +4

96 hours post-surgery, Dr Lee told us she has done all she can do; keeping Paris in the hospital any longer will not change anything. So we arranged for her discharge.

More bad news were piled on us prior to discharge, that her chest x-ray didn’t look good. She suspected it is either pneumonia, or that the cancer has spread to her heart and lungs. We are all praying it is the former, and are also going ahead with meds treating the former. Prior to going home, we were also shown how to clean and dress her wounds, and syringe feed her. Yes, my baby was still not eating voluntarily. And was eating way too little. I need to say more Hail Marys.

Paris was ecstatic to be going home. She looked so bright like there was absolutely nothing wrong with her. I wished.

Paris D4a+

Her mood continued till she got home. She walked so fast to the bedroom when I said ‘Sleep Sleep!’ But once she laid on her bed, she didn’t want to get up at all. Her reluctance to move, and her episodes of laborious breathing shook me back to planet earth: my baby has cancer.

Her episodes are scary. We were so frightened after the first 2 episodes we witnessed I decided to make a call to Dr Lee asking for advice. Apparently they witnessed one this morning too. We are to ensure the episodes don’t escalate, or we might need to bring her back to the hospital, something we would loathe to do.

Paris D4b+

But her appetite is back! She wanted my sable from Japan, she wanted chicken thigh meat, and she wanted porridge. The first solid good news in days! I was overjoyed!

She still hasn’t poop at all, and we are wondering if that is an issue. Going to add fibre into her diet tomorrow to help her poop.

At 9pm, we fed her the last meal of the day together with her meds. This girl has always been difficult with her meds, just like Sugar. After repeated attempts to make her swallow and her subsequent spitting out, I wonder how much of the meds she actually finally ingested. But it’s okay; we can try again tomorrow. Yes, I’m determined to succeed with the help of… sausages! I hope it works.

Trying to make each day with her count. We had plans to bring her out but she doesn’t seem up to it. Paris darling, please give mummy more than a month.



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