Paris Shaula +5

5 days since she cheated death, and Paris is doing well. Or so it appears to our untrained eyes. We listened to Dr Lee, and gave her 5 small meals today. She has an appetite, but has become much more finicky than before. When she didn’t want her food, we gave some to Belle in front of her and almost immediately, she wanted her food again. This silly sibling rivalry is totally being made use of to our advantage, I have to admit.

Last night was pretty bad actually. I woke up several times, awoken by her harsh breathing. She had numerous episodes of breathing difficulty, and I just had to watch her through every single one, in case her heart gave way. As a result, I guess we both slept very badly.

Paris 5a+

I tried to increase the ventilation of the bedroom by switching off the aircon and opening the window. But the girl… exactly like what Sugar would have reacted, walked out of the bedroom in protest. We didn’t have much of a choice, so while airing the bedroom, we got her into the study room (with air conditioning) while I tidied the study table. I noticed that she slept quite well, without the breathless episodes. I wondered if it was the medication (then there is hope it is simply pneumonia!) or better ventilation in the study room or a combination of both? Either way, she heaved lesser frequently. That’s a good sign. I’m wrecking my head now thinking of how we can ventilate the bedroom better tonight.

Paris 5b+

Belle has been quite a darling thus far. I think it has finally sunk into her pea brain that her jiejie is not well, and she cannot play rough with her. She has been rather gentle with Paris, and at certain times, I even found her wanting to be near her jiejie, like she used to want to be.

Mum came tonight because I needed her to help me with some errands. Paris was surprisingly feeling quite comfortable that she barked, albeit softly, and stood up when she walked in. Mum couldn’t believe her eyes, thinking that Paris was Belle (when Belle was in fact imprisoned by my arm as I was cleaning her ears). She said that dad didn’t bear to come up to see how much more weight Paris has lost (she lost quite a bit, to be honest), but mum said he would be really glad to see her so well. So, I changed and walked the sassy girl down. I let her walk me instead and her pace was so quick I had to keep reminding her to slow down.

This was the first time I walked her since she came home. She was so curious of every sight and sound, and was so happy to be out walking (although we didn’t really walk much). We sat down for a while at the lift lobby so dad and mum could spend a bit more time with her. They agreed that she looked so much better than she looked when hospitalised. My heart soared. Really. It meant that we made the right choice.

It is starting to get tedious updating everyday, and today is only the 2nd day. I’m hoping to persevere because when she eventually leaves us, this is going to be a great way to remember her by.


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