Paris Shaula +11

I intended to write everyday, but I was kinda wearing thin from worrying over Paris. Decided to update once in a few days instead. But I have to update for what happened yesterday, 10 days after surgery. We brought Paris down to the hospital for her 1-week medical review since discharge and I was trying not to have my hopes too high. But she is doing so well!

Dr Lee was pleasantly surprised to see Paris so well and happy. She brought her in to do some tests including ECG, blood test, chest x-ray and remove her staples. Paris almost didn’t want to leave with Dr Lee. She looked at us worriedly and we had to assure her that we were bringing her home. I guess while she had a pleasant experience with all the staff at the hospital, she does not want to have to stay in the hospital ever again. My darling likes to be surrounded by people, and the 4 nights of being hospitalised were some of her worst days in life, I guess.

We waited a while for the tests to be done while sitting outside. I prayed in my heart that she is all well. God must have heard my prayers… for the first time since we admitted her, we had great news. Her heart rate, though high, has become much more stable. Chest x-ray showed the worrying white spots clearing up a little – that was my greatest worry actually, that the cancer has spread. Looks like it didn’t, and it was just pneumonia that the meds managed to clear a little. And her blood work was so much better. PCT went up to 35%, from the 23% at A&E and 19% at admission. She is doing so, so well I wanted to cry!

Paris 11a+

Paris 11b+

Her surgery wound hasn’t quite heal so the doctor decided to leave the staples on for a few days more. We have another appointment with her on Monday to remove the staples. Then… Paris’ adventure time begins!

Oh, we weighed her. She is 31.2kg compared to 33.6kg in Jan during her annual vaccination. I like her current weight. Hoping to maintain her weight around this.

Paris 11c+

She is back with all her usual nonsense, another telltale sign that she is well. Barking, guarding the door, humping Belle… she’s done all that. I used to scold her for a lot of things, but I’m letting her go do her antics now.

Fight on my darling!


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