Paris Shaula +14

2 weeks. 2 full weeks since Paris had to receive an emergency splenectomy procedure. 2 full weeks since my whole world collapsed. But my baby made it. And she is very happy these days. I’m happy just seeing her smile; it makes all the taking care of her worthwhile although we are both so, so tired juggling.

Paris 14a+

Paris 14b+

She’s reverted to being the naughty girl at home. She barks when anyone approaches our house, she humps Belle and they play-fight. She’s also ALWAYS begging for food, or asking me to go cook her meals. This girl is becoming demanding… but we are happy so long as she is.

Paris 14c+

Paris 14d+

And she’s somehow taken to only poop on grass, meaning that she has to be walked before she would poop. Which is funny because she used to be able to poop on the pee tray too. I think she has learnt that not pooping at home means that she will earn longer walks. This cunning girl!

She’s getting her walks, and managing longer distances by the day although H tells me a flight of steps will easily tire her. Slowly baby, slowly. I don’t mind you going slow so long as you remain happy and healthy.

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