Paris Shuala +24

I had several milestones in mind that I badly wanted Paris to cross, and yesterday was one of the major milestones, it being my birthday. She crossed it with ease. And so we are marching into her 4th week since surgery, another super major milestone because well… statistics are stacked against her.

Paris 24a+

Paris 24b+

The flight of steps behind her bears a major significance to all our 3 girls; they all learnt how to climb and descend stairs using this flight of steps. A couple of days ago we passed by and Paris decided she wanted to climb the stairs. So she quickly attempted with much gutso, but she slipped and I had to go help her get steady. It pained me to see that she no longer has the energy to do something she wanted to. 😦

Her spirits have been kept up high, with good food, frequent walks and at least one of us is almost always at home. We kind of made a pact that we won’t leave her to be alone for anything more than 2 hours so I think this is a major reason why she has been happy – she craves for our company.

To celebrate yesterday and to begin on the list of places we’ve wanted to bring her to see before she eventually leaves us, we planned for a picnic at Marina Barrage. The weather was beautiful. And unfortunately rather cloudless hence neither of us lasted very long at Marina Barrage. It was so scorching hot at 10.30am we didn’t want the girls to be running about too much too. Good thing we prepared a lot of water. But still, given that Paris is still recovering from the surgery, we didn’t want her to over-exert. And since she doesn’t know how to pace herself, we have to do it for her.

Paris 24c+

After Marina Barrage, we decided to leave the area to have some cake at Flor Patisserie. To our pleasant surprise, they actually allow dogs to be seated outside with us at one of the tables. H and I each took a cake while the girls rested at our feet.

I thought of calling it a day when we were done eating, but the weather was so good I decided we should go back to Gardens by the Bay. We met some irritating tourists who were sneakily taking pictures of our dogs while pretending to take selfies. Seriously all you have to do is ask.  They couldn’t even do that. And all the shrieking and commotion were confusing the girls, so we decided to walk them away from the main area until the tourists were done and left.

Paris 24d+

It was getting a little too hot since it was noon. We called it a day after managing to get Paris to take a last shot. As usual, she didn’t want to look at my camera.

Paris 24e+

Paris was completely exhausted by the time we got home. She was so fatigued she didn’t even want to move from the living room to the bedroom where her comfortable bed was. We ought to remember not to over-exert her next time. Thank goodness she was recovered after a few hours of rest.

Paris 24f+

We both have had several arguments about seeking second opinion from Dr Chua, the vet that has seen Paris for the 10 years. But what am I seeking out to achieve, H asked me. I don’t know… maybe seeing her recover so well from the surgery and living as if there is no cancer in her, I am hoping someone can tell me she is cancer free? This death sentence of 3 months (at the maximum) looms over my head every single day.


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