Paris Shaula +32

Wohoo! It is 4 weeks since Paris was discharged from hospital. What a major, major milestone!

Paris 32a+

Paris 32b+

She is doing well, gaining weight and strength by the day. But she is also becoming quite the brat because we do let her get away with a lot of bad behaviour nowadays. So… she has been sleeping often, eating often, barking often, scowling for food often, and humping Belle often. Actually nowadays, she comes to me all the time to tell me she is hungry knowing that I will want to feed her. Totally preying on my soft heart. So much so that I think she has put on too much weight and I need to control her diet now.

To my surprise, her daddy my husband accuses me of feeding her too much. Right. Who was the one who fed them only kibbles and still managed to get them so overweight? I don’t trust him at all when he says he’s been cutting down the portion for her.

Paris 32c+

Paris 32d+

Paris 32e+

Hardly any outdoor walk pictures because as usual, H cannot keep up with his enthusiasm for anything. I wanted to bring the girls out but so many stars must align before he would ‘approve’ of an outing. Thing is, I think he has forgotten that Paris doesn’t have many days more. And that he is going on course (i.e. office hours) will only make these excursions even harder (weekends are out, so when?). Furthermore, he is getting lazy and the poor girl’s walk (even around the estate) has been sharply decreasing because of that. He insists on walking her at 11pm at night so that she could be off-leashed to roam on her own. Point is, 11pm is past her bedtime. If you ask me, I think she prefers an earlier walk, even if it meant that she has to be leashed.

Sorry baby, mummy will try to do better.


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