Paris Shaula +39

Another week has passed. 5 weeks since discharge! 😀

Although I’ve gradually reduced my presence on FB, but at the recommendation of some other GR friends, I explored Golden Paste. And thought it was worth trying. That decision was pushed to the back of my mind till I chanced upon cold-pressed coconut oil at a supermarket in town. There and then I shopped for the other ingredients. And I didn’t procrastinate. Much. I made the paste on Sunday night, one day after buying the ingredients.

It smelled bad. Ewww. I wouldn’t want to eat it. Fortunately Paris and Belle are really not too picky about what they put into their mouths. We fed them twice on Monday, morning and evening. Then for some reason, I decided to search ‘Hemangiosarcoma’ in the Golden Paste FB Group. And could literally feel myself going pale. The blood thinning effect that I was initially concerned about is indeed a concern for dogs with Hemangiosarcoma.

I immediately stopped Paris on it. I almost inadvertently put my dog in danger by thinning her blood.

For some reason, I also thought of searching for a FB group on Dog Hemangiosarcoma. I found one, but it was a closed group so I wasn’t sure what the group was like. I requested to join and was rather promptly approved to join. After gaining access, I realised it was actually the very first group I should have joined since Paris’ ordeal.

I read tens of accounts written by dog owners who are/were in our predicament. And I realised that Paris behaving like she doesn’t have cancer is typical of dogs who managed to get discharged from hospital after an emergency splenectomy. I learnt something extremely important – that Paris’ condition is not unique. Her recovery is not unique and therefore, her decline will also take a certain predictable path.

Paris 39a+

While Paris is blissfully still eating good food, sleeping well and enjoying her late night walks with her daddy, mummy is worrying herself silly. From the FB group, I learnt much more about Hemangiosarcoma, in particular how she may seemingly look fine but may be bleeding out through microbleeds. No wonder on certain days, her gums look more pale and on certain days they look as pink as Belle’s. Many people in the group also advocate using Yunan Baiyao to help with the microbleeds and I’m Yunity to help with the cancer. This isn’t the first time I’ve come across holistic methods using these supplements but I didn’t consider that back then because I deeply believed that Paris is a miracle case. Sadly she isn’t. And since we would not consider chemotherapy, I have to try other means.

To H, I look like I’m grasping at straws. We argued several times over this. He reminded me that we opted for quality of life but everything I know what to try is prolonging the quantity of life, not necessarily the quality. I wasn’t very nice either: I accused him of hiding behind the screen of ‘I choose quality of life’ and simply do nothing; no research no read-up.

Paris 39b+

I refuse to do absolutely nothing when I can try to prolong her life, and cause her less pain without compromising her quality of life. This cute brat is not aware, but in a few days, I am going down the holistic path for her.


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