Paris Shaula +50

Paris 50c+

Into her 8th week since the surgery, Paris is still doing very well. We brought her back to the clinic for a medical review today. Dr Lee said since she has not exhibited any of the excessive panting when she first came home, there isn’t a need to do any scans so only a blood test was ordered. My happy girl was very happy smiling throughout until Dr Lee took over her leash to bring her to the back for her blood test. She looked at both of us very worriedly, probably thinking if we were leaving her behind again. The hospital stay must have been a traumatic experience for her.

Paris 50d+

Paris 50e+

I had wanted to ask about daily chemotherapy pill treatment, but somehow I forgot all about it prior and during the visit. And only recalled about it when we were driving home. Haiz. I do get mislead by how well she appears to be.

Her HCT is at 38%. Meeting the minimum borderline for healthy range. This Dr Lee has warned us right from the beginning, that given her condition, her HCT will always be on the low side. At least it is within normal range. We should feed her more red meats. And hopefully the Yunnan Baiyao will also help her in the long run.

Paris 50f+

Paris has a lost about 0.2kg of weight since her last visit on 16 Jun. It’s a negligible loss. Meaning that we are doing fine with the home cooked food feeding. Belle on the other hand, has put on more weight. This is very bad for her. We have almost completely stopped feeding her apart from her main meal in the morning. I will probably keep up the night meal because she does need her golden paste dosage twice a day and it won’t be likely that we can feed it to her neat. She is greedy, but not that greedy lol.

Paris 50a+

Paris 50b+

To be honest, towards Paris’ condition 我其实别无他求。She is doing well, eating well, sleeping well, playing well… in short, leading a quality life. She’s also enjoying her late evening walks with her favourite person although H now allows her to pace the walk. Fact is the walks are now all very short because she tires easily. I just want to bring her out a little bit more if we can afford the time and that the weather permits. She really cheers up a lot more when she gets her walks. It makes me so happy to see her happy face.

If there is any wish I have, it’s that when the time comes, I hope it is as painless for her as possible.


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