Paris Shaula +56

8 weeks! It’s been 8 weeks since her splenectomy and my precious Paris darling is still doing well. Yes, she has lost some weight (more apparent now after her groomer tidied her fur to conceal her bald patches shaved off during her ordeal) and becomes tired very easily, but she hasn’t lost her curiosity for most things and her zest for life.

Paris 56a+

Paris 56b+ Paris 56c+ Paris 56d+

She is also becoming rather naughty. We have let her get away with many things the past 8 weeks, but I think we’ve both realised that loving her also means that we have to discipline her when it is in her best interest. We don’t need a disciplined dog that listens to us anymore (given her condition, our expectations of her have changed), but I personally will not tolerate her bullying Belle excessively or getting overly excited (and in the process runs the risk of hurting herself).

The turkey tail mushroom extract that I bought over Amazon has arrived. Tomorrow onwards, we are adding these to her daily ‘diet’ of supplements. That adds up to quite a bit of supplements – some days she has as many as 16 capsules to ingest over 2 meals. That sounds terrible, if you ask me. It isn’t so bad if the supplements are tasty, but I doubt they are. I’m also worried about simply adding on to the supplements diet without being about to consult someone who has the knowledge to advice if they will interfere with one another. I requested that we visit a holistic vet once to sort out the supplements but H refused to agree to it. 😦

I have so many places I want to bring the girls to for them to explore, and for me to take more pictures of her. I have many pictures of Sugar to remember her by, but Paris hates the camera since young; I don’t have that many nice pictures of her.

Paris 56e+

To celebrate this special milestone, I made pancakes for her again. With bananas and eggs. This is something different from her usual diet so it’s kind of a treat. I would have added some maple syrup to the pancakes if I have it at home, but unfortunately I don’t. H suggested us ordering McDelivery and keeping the maple syrup instead of pouring it on the hotcakes. I looked at him in amusement and said, ‘If that’s the case, we might as well just order the hotcakes and feed them to Paris? Why would I need to make the pancakes myself?’ 😆

Eventually, we did as he suggested and gave her a trickle of maple syrup to go with her 3 pancakes. It was a new taste to her so she was ecstatic!

Paris 56f+

H has been too tired to bring her down for walks every night. Doesn’t help that Singapore is currently in the monsoon season… loads of rain. But whenever she gets her late night walk, she enjoys herself to the fullest.


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