Paris Shaula +70

10 weeks! My baby has made it through 10 weeks! This was completely unforseeable in the days following Paris’ splenectomy when she was not doing so well. Who would have known?

Paris 70a+

There have been far fewer pictures this week because H and I have been busy with Pokemon Go. Not that we have been neglecting the girls. On the contrary, they have been getting far more frequent walks and car rides than usual. In fact Belle has been taking such long walks with us in the past few nights I think she doesn’t quite look forward to walks as enthusiastically anymore. 😆

I have been becoming more and more paranoid as we near the 3-month mark. This paranoia has been made worse by the fact that the friend I mentioned in the previous update finally had to put down her cancer-stricken dog because she was doing so badly – major bleeds, distended tummy, seizures and a lock jaw. Through Buttons, I saw the possible end for Paris and it frightened me senseless. I envisioned a painless end for her but this is anything but.

Sometimes I wonder if Paris understands why we fuss so much over her, or perhaps she relishes in the attention hence doing so well health wise. Her sweet nature has been shining through, especially now when she is forced to slow down. I cannot say this often enough… that I’m immensely grateful for the extra time we have been granted to spend meaningful days with her. I still stare at her tummy closely when she sleeps, ensuring that it is heaving. To be honest, it is burdensome to always worry like this, but it is a burden I willingly carry.

Paris 70b+

Belle clearly loves her jiejie and vice versa although they both have a funny way of expressing their dependence on one another. I dread the day when Belle finds herself alone. While she will relish in all the attention showered upon her I think she will also feel a sense of emptiness. From the day she came to our home, she has never been without a jiejie. And for almost a year, she had two! I do think it is time to consider a puppy but perhaps now is not the best of times since it might add on to Paris’ stress. Then again, this is also the best time possible because I am home so often I can see to the training of the new puppy.

Paris 70c+

Paris is full of antics, and she cracks me up all the time by doing things unexpected. Like I came out of the bathroom one night to find her sleeping like that. Heh. Be happy darling. And be full of enthusiasm for life to the end. Mummy and Daddy will always be here for you.


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