Paris Shaula +78

It’s been a whooping 11 weeks! My Paris is still as good as gold, having an insatiable appetite which we are only too happy to satisfy. She also still love her walks and car rides, although I once put her in the back seats instead of the boot and jam braked, causing her to fall off the seats. That seemed to have spooked her since, because I’ve noticed the next couple of times she appeared to be very nervous. I think I should put her back in the boot. She may not see as well there, but it is after all her safe haven. I want all her experiences now to be positive.

Paris 78a+

Paris 78b+

Paris has been to so many new places in the past week – we walked at Punggol Park, East Coast Park, Ang Mo Kio Park, Changi Beach and Waterway Park. Some of these parks I’m certain H hasn’t even been to. My darling is definitely going places. šŸ˜†

Paris 78c+

But her lacking in stamina is evident; she tires very easily and when that happens I stop the walks. By then she wouldn’t even have the strength to board the car, requiring some help from me. It pains me to see that happen. She is obviously still full of curiosity and zest for life, but her body can no longer support her pursuits.

Belle 78e+

Belle really hasn’t been neglected. On alternate days Belle goes out for long walks with me while we leave Paris home alone for about two hours. I think it is necessary for her to have some alone time at home to do whatever she loves doing when we aren’t home for example, sleep in peace. Belle is loving the attention she gets from me, but I reckon she isn’t enjoying the very long walks hahaha.

Paris 78d+

And of course, the girls are as always, not ready for bed whenever I command that they go to sleep. Just like kids, these 2 girls.

I often wonder how Paris managed to make it so far. Is it that her cancer isn’t as advanced as Dr Lee claimed, her diet that we changed, the supplements that help with cancer or because we kept her happy? Or is it a combination of everything? I have no idea. Another sane person wouldn’t think of questioning and choose to live in the moment, but not me. I need to know what we might have done right so that we can learn something from this whole experience.


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