Paris Shaula +84

In short, 12 weeks. Almost 3 months! I asked H when he wanted to celebrate this milestone in a big way aka a good steak for Paris, and he answered at 12 weeks instead of 90 days. And so Paris was served a good steak.

Paris 85e+

As usual, she wasn’t too delighted about posing for me, especially when she was dying to have her steak. Nothing I did could make her smile. Not even enlisting H’s help could make her smile even a little for us. And so, we had to settle for this picture for this major milestone of my sweetheart’s.

Paris 85a+

The past week was full of nostalgia. First the painting I commissioned a very talented artist to draw for me was completed. She managed to very nicely include Sugar into the painting. I was both happy and sad to see the three of them sitting together again. When Sugar crossed the rainbow bridge, Belle was just over a year old and not year an adult. I wonder if the two of them might get along better now, if they meet.

Paris 85b+

Then I started sorting out the pictures of the girls. A very painful process but necessary evil, especially with so many pictures in my mobile phones. And I came across this rare picture of the three girls when Belle was about 6 months old. Heart ached a little.

Paris 85c+

Then I went back a little earlier to dig up some of Paris’ puppy pictures. And found some really adorable ones of her one day into coming home with us. She was so, so small and cute!

By now, I think it’s clear why I’ve been looking at old pictures. I did up a collage of her through the years – 1 picture for each year passed. I created a total of 15 spaces but I am realistic, she is not likely to live to 15. 14 would be nice.

Paris 85d+

And this last picture, shows the dynamics between the two girls. Belle has been bullying Paris quite a bit recently and Paris has been taking it all in her own stride. I suspect a shift in power is about to take place i.e. Belle is going to take over as the Alpha of the pack. And Belle looked so fat in the picture! We have been putting in a lot of effort to feed her less and exercise her more. But oh Lord, it’s so hard for her to lose weight. We have an appointment at the vet’s the following Monday. I’m hoping the scales show that she has lost some weight, or I’m really going to cut her down to only a small dinner meal daily.


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