Paris Shaula +3 months

Paris +3mths1

And now, we have finally arrived at the massive hurdle for Paris to cross. She crossed the 3-month mark with ease. My heart is bursting with so much happiness and joy. She was after all predicted not to live beyond 3 months. Perhaps that was just Dr Lee playing safe but whatever it is, on hindsight, I am so glad we didn’t listen to her and give up on her. To think that we initially stopped all her supplements because we thought it wasn’t necessary to give them to her anymore.

From our ordeal these past months, I have myself come to the conclusion that attitude in the face of illnesses (and also setbacks) is very important. Sure, we always hear people saying that but I have finally experienced it myself. And I have a lot to learn from Paris. She lives simply and aims to be happy every single day. A good meal can have her beaming for minutes (that’s rare for Paris lol). She gallops like a puppy excitedly when we call out to her. And she trembles in excitement whenever we bring her out. Such love and zest for life. I really should take a leaf out of her book.

Paris +3mths2

It was quite unintentional when I made an appointment with Dr Lee for a medical review, but it happened to be 3 months since her splenectomy. She is doing fine, from what we can see… except that she really sleeps a lot nowadays. Drinks a lot too. And seems to be always hungry. She was afraid there was some hormonal issues or Cushing’s, but her blood work looked good so we were sent home to monitor her water intake.

Paris gained 0.2kg since her last medical review a month ago. Belle, on the other hand, despite our efforts to cut her food intake and walk her more, did not lose a single gram. We are truly in trouble where she is concerned. 27.5kg is simply to much weight for her to bear. Haiz. What should we do with her?

Paris +3mths3

With the haze season and Zika virus going around, last Friday was a rare blue sky day. So fortunate we chose that day to bring the girls to East Coast Park for a walk and take some nice pictures of them.

Paris +3mths4

We left home really early and arrived at the park at approximately 9am. It was still too hot for the girls. Guess we have to attempt leaving home even earlier for our next excursion.

Paris +3mths5

Paris has been seeing a lot of this country she was born and lived in for the past 10 years. I had no idea I neglected her so much until I started doing her collage from the time she came to us. During the years when she was with Sugar, I practically had no decent pictures taken of her. It really didn’t help that Sugar would sit nicely for pictures while she would always look away. A lot of guilt I felt. I know it will never be enough, but I hope she has felt my love these past few months.


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