Mid Autumn Festival 2016 aka Paris Shaula +102

I didn’t update on Sunday as I usually do because I wanted to update on Day 100. And then I was busy chasing after rare Pokemon these days so I told myself to update on Day 101, at the same time to add a cheesy tagline ‘101 ways to love Paris’. 😆

It didn’t work out in the end so we finally took one of the snowskin mooncakes (we got specially for the girls) out from the freezer and fed it to them. Durian flavour, for their first experience with mooncakes! They were overjoyed, H less so (he finds the smell repulsive).


So tonight is Mid-Autumn Festival, aka Lantern Festival in recent years. It’s a huge festival celebrated by Chinese and Koreans. Could be celebrated by other Asians too, but I’m not too sure about that. Made the girls sit for a picture of course. They were quite happy to oblige, of course food is always the best bribe.


They look so neat now (never mind that Belle has come home with a swollen paw, again! – something is wrong with that paw, maybe it has a persistent fracture that didn’t heal properly. Gonna check on it the next time we see Dr Lee) but they were a mess prior to this with unruly fur sticking out all over!



These pictures were taken the day I brought Paris out to Chinese Garden to meet S and D, her boarders when we go on holidays. Of course we won’t be able to leave the girls with them for a while, since we’ve decided not to travel till next spring. But they really love the girls and wanted to meet Paris. It warms my heart to know that we have found such responsible boarders who really love our girls.



After Chinese Garden, the next outing was also with Paris, bringing her to Bishan Park to meet up with M and J. I feel bad towards Belle for bringing her out less often; when I was finally ready to make amends to her she has to hurt her paw. She has been locked up in a little space (enough for her to lie down comfortably but not big enough for her to attempt to walk) these few days. This girl is quite curious leading us to resort to this method to force her to rest the paw. Maybe when she feels better I’ll bring her on a long walk.

Paris is doing well. Gets tired more easily and wants to sleep/rest more but other than that, she is as happy as she used to be. As greedy too. And getting really picky about her water; it has to be flavoured (with her food i.e. using her food bowl to fill with water immediately after her meal) or she would just take a sip and stop. This naughty girl…


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