Paris Shaula +112

16 weeks! That’s almost 4 months. Take it, you cancer! My Paris is kicking you in the butt!


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been progressively going out more often and staying out longer since Paris seems to be doing fine. But I’ve observed that the longer I stay out, the more sluggish she behaved when I got home. Of all the things we’ve done/changed for her since her diagnosis, I think making her happy has been key in her apparent good health. If she is unhappy that I’ve been staying out too long, then I will change for her.


H was not feeling very well almost the whole of last week, hence he had been retiring very early. But it’s very apparent that Paris missed him a lot. She wouldn’t let him rest properly even when he was lying on bed, making sure he had to keep his hands active by patting her. This girl ah… is truly a daddy’y girl.



For some reason, Paris has been a little more cooperative with the photo taking recently. Maybe she has finally resigned to fate, or maybe I am now more skilled and take pictures quicker. I don’t know why for sure, but I’m thanking my lucky stars!

I have a lot more to be thankful for. Being in a FB group specifically for dogs with hemangiosarcoma, I’ve come to realise how fortunate we really are. There are several dog owners who only had days with their dogs from collapse to death. My sweetheart must know that she cannot break my heart like how Sugar did, and struggled through the initial days. This is how sweet Paris actually is. Rather like the personality of a middle child. To think that I’ve neglected her for so many years…

I cannot be on part-time forever. Discussed this with H and we decided I shall return to daily work in mid-Nov, after Paris’ 11th birthday. I contemplated setting up a webcam so that I can monitor her, but H is deadly against it. He sees no point in it – I can’t rush back in time anyway, and I won’t be in the right state of mind to drive at a time like that. So the discussion has ceased, for the time being.


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