Paris Shaula +120

Just last week, Paris laid down in front of me when I sat on the floor, requesting for me to pat her. And so I did, only to make some harrowing discovery – I found several lumps on her tummy. Lumps in a cancer patient is never, ever good news. One of the lumps was even large and very discernible.

I broke down. And immediately arrange for an appointment with Dr. Lee the following Monday i.e. today. H came home and felt for the lumps, after which he told me they have always been there. I knew he was just trying to trivialise the whole matter. The lumps were not there prior. They only became much more pronounced lately.


I’ve been feeding Paris lesser, but she didn’t lose weight. Queer, because by eye, I thought she lost some weight. She is 32.3kg now. That’s a little too heavy, in my opinion. Gotta watch the portions we give her from now on. Probably less of the carbohydrates.

After taking a sample of the lump, Dr. Lee got it tested. The result was negative but Dr. Lee warned that the result is largely inconclusive, and the only exact way of knowing is to remove it and send it to the lab for testing. For now, we can take it as benign. We were sent home with instructions to monitor any changing size, shape and colour to the lump/s.

I’m not certain how to react to the supposedly good news. To me, it isn’t good. But for now, Paris is still bright and cheery most of the time. And still always begging for food. She didn’t understand why she had to go to the clinic ahead of the scheduled appointment (which is a month away), and she most certainly didn’t know why Dr. Lee was pricking her again. Dogs live simply, especially a silly one like Paris. I really ought to stop fretting every single thing about her and let her live happily.



The girls really adore their daddy and cherish the little time they have with him. I pray that Paris has a lot more time to spend with her favourite daddy.


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