Paris Shaula +140

Mummy has been extremely remiss in updating Paris’ condition. But 20 weeks is such a major milestone I feel that I shouldn’t just skip it.


My sweetheart has been very kind to me lately. It hasn’t been too difficult to capture a few good pictures of her smiling brightly at me. And I think food has a large role; yes, I have kind of been bribing her with her heh. On Day 141, I woke up early in the morning (like at 5am) to make her pancakes because I felt so bad about not doing anything special for her on Day 140. She must have thought that she struck lottery or something hahaha.

So yes, she is still upkeeping her high spirits in general. Just more tired and needs her naps more. For a spell, her poop turned very dark in colour and I was really concerned (because black poop cannot mean anything good, right?) but H told me it gradually got better. This FB page that I’m on, I’m not certain if it is doing me any good. It makes me very ganchiong whenever I read something that I can relate to, and it also kind of raises my hopes. I think I should gradually wean off the page.


My darlings were so happy when I took this shot. Should be just after dinner, I think. We are making a trip out to Korea for about 10 days and I feel unsettled about it. But like I told H, better travel now than later because Paris’ condition will only get worse. Very fortunate to have found a good boarder who is willing to feed her 4 meals and take more care of her, at the same cost as before. I feel more at ease putting her back with them.


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