Paris is 11!

On 5 Nov 2016, Paris turned 11. This post is backdated to that day because well… 2 weeks later, the pictures are actually still sitting in the SD card and will likely continue to be so if I do not persist in getting this post written up.

On her 11th birthday, it was also 5 months post-splenectomy. A very significant milestone, to mention the least. Back then Dr. Lee only gave her 1-3 months without chemotherapy. And look where my baby girl is now… 5 months and still going strong! I am so, so proud of her for wanting to spend more time with us.


I ordered Paris’ birthday cake in Seoul while sitting in a cab getting back to Myeongdong after our flight back from Jeju. I initially wanted to just cook her a good meal, or bake a cake myself but after some serious contemplation, I decided to go ahead and order a commercially made cake instead. After all, it might actually be her last birthday with us and I want to make it a little extra special. So I ordered a cute cake for her.

The garland I bought from Tokyo Disneysea finally came into good use. I decorated the wall, made her wear a cute hat, and then further annoyed her by making her pose with her cake. She was not too pleased hahah.


And then we made Belle join her. Things got a little more tense because well… Belle is a lot less predictable when food is put in front of her. We had to snap it quick or Boo might actually help herself to the cake. Not that she hasn’t attempted.

I don’t know why Paris looked so serious! It was hilarious. But like I’ve said, we didn’t want to waste time to make her smile, not when she has a ticking time bomb sitting beside her. We settled for serious birthday girl shots. Still some good pictures nevertheless.

Hoping we can have pictures on her 12th birthday. *pray*


Paris’ birthday was on a Saturday. The following Monday I brought Paris down to the clinic for a checkup. She lost a little bit of weight, and when I mentioned about her black poop to Dr Lee, she was concerned since black poop usually indicated dried blood (the same as I understood) and could mean kidney problems. She took Paris in to take some blood while I waited outside, alone. Didn’t bring Belle along since H had to work and I cannot manage the both of them. Especially not when it was raining outside.

Her blood work was generally fine, except for low red blood count. Fell a little since the last visit. That can’t really be helped since she has a blood related cancer. But mum was quick to buy some pig liver again when I told her about the results. I truly hate handling raw pig liver (so slimy!) but for Paris I tolerated them for the three meals when they were added to her food.

Dr Lee requested that we bring Paris in earlier for an ultrasound scan since she is due for one anyway, at the 6-month mark. Couldn’t do it on the actual day because the ultrasound technician doesn’t work all days. I’ve felt lumps all around her tummy… bracing myself for bad news.


More than one person has mentioned to me that Paris’ aging markings on her face is very cute, like a heart shape. And she resembles Duffy Bear. Hence on night after changing them into their Halloween suits, I made her sit and take a picture with them. So cute!


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