My Love Affair with Criminal Minds

I started watching Criminal Minds several years back, during Season 5. It’s been 7 years now. And I’ve grown attached to some of the characters in particular Hotch and Reid. They are my favourites. I also enjoyed the playful banter between Morgan and Garcia. And with my other favourites shows axed/about to end (Castle, Bones, Rizzoli & Isles), Criminal Minds became my staple series.

That was until episode 6 that was broadcasted this week. I don’t really follow the news of the drama series so long as I know they have been extended for the next season. During the episode, it was revealed that Hotch had entered the Witness Protection Scheme with Jake. What? That sounds fishy… like he was being written out of the show.

Went to google and found out that he had been axed since August. Omigosh. How am I going to survive? First Morgan, and now Hotch? I really like Prentiss too and loved the idea of her returning, but I want the old team!

Sounds like Season 12 might just be the final season for Criminal Minds. Sigh.


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