Paris Shaula +168

I have been so, so remiss in my duty here updating on Paris. Have been rather preoccupied on the travel blog instead, and I didn’t want to switch between blogs. Also, just returned from a holiday etc. OK, sorry excuse. Paris comes first.

Making the decision to change to the iPhone 7 Plus was my best decision yet. I love the Portrait function of the camera. As a result, I now possess many incredibly beautiful pictures of Paris.




Once in a while, I still get the ‘black face’ treatment but in general, she has been very obliging whenever I wish to take her pictures. And she’s been into funny faces lately, too. 😆

As for her condition, nothing much has changed if you observe her. We were worried the whole time we were overseas and left the girls with the home boarders. We prepared so much fresh foods for them! They must think we are crazy or something. Paris came back looking as well as she looked when she left. Maybe tired, especially Belle, but they usually are since I would reckon they don’t sleep terribly well in unknown territory. Especially without their beds.


I’ve noticed though, that she tended to slip if she ran very quickly at home, say when H called them from the kitchen and they dashed out of the bedroom to look for him. Initially I didn’t give it much thought, thinking it’s probably time to trim the overgrown fur on her pawpaws but as it occurred more and more often, alarm bells went off in my head. I started researching a little. So apparently it was a sign of old age, with joints not being as strong anymore, senior dogs tend to slip more often. Told myself I have to ensure that she doesn’t excited at home since we can’t do much about the marble flooring and I think she will also hate me with a vengeance if I make her wear those rubber shoe grips specially made for senior dogs.


They were sent for grooming recently. So smelly prior to the grooming, especially Belle, which meant that Paris had done a fair bit of bulling her younger sibling. They came back looking so tidy and pleased with themselves heh. I initially planned to bring them to Tanjung Beach on Paris’ 6-month mark, but decided to replace it with any venue since they just went for grooming. I don’t relish in the thought of them having sand all over them merely 2 weeks post-grooming.


The way Paris laid her head on Belle reminded me so much of what she used to do to Sugar as well. Same habit some 10 years later, to a younger sibling instead of her only older sibling. Pangs of pain shot through my heart. I miss Sugar. But it’s been so long I’m starting to forget what it was like having her around me. I’m forgetting her scent.


Paris still behaves like a little pup very often. She’s so cute at times but well… she doesn’t like cuddling as much as Belle does, hence I can’t really manhandle her much without her struggling. 🙂


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