Paris Shaula +183


Today is also Paris’ 6th month anniversary since her splenectomy, exact to the day. Unfortunately we were off to a rocky start today. After our grocery shopping (to get fresh ingredients for her meals) we came home to two very noisy dogs. Paris was still barking very happily at us, and even ventured to sniff at the grocery bags we came home with.

We didn’t sense anything wrong until H cooked and served her meal to her. She sniffed a little, and refused to eat. That almost never happens in Paris’ life history and was a sure sign that something was wrong. We didn’t force her, but at H’s suggestion, I cooked up some tuna and sausages for her. She managed a few mouthfuls, but didn’t finish the small portion that I prepared.


She continued resting by the dining table – a very strange place to lay down but we let her be, sensing something was not right. After about half an hour, she suddenly stood up and headed for the bedroom slowly. I reckon she wanted to go to her bed so I followed behind her. Just 2 paces from her bed, she paused for a few seconds and then suddenly her legs gave way and she plopped with such a loud thud onto the floor. It frightened the hell out of me. I thought it was the end.

I knew she was going through a massive internal bleed. Both H and I stayed by her side and reassured her that we were ready to let her go. And I really thought she wasn’t going to make it and cried buckets.

When she finally stabilised, I called the clinic asking if we should go tomorrow instead when the ultrasound technician would be around. Dr Lee told us to bring her in immediately since she crashed. Realising the severity of it, we rushed down.

Dr Lee managed to draw blood out of Paris’ abdomen and told her she bled substantially, about 100-150ml but she didn’t recommend drawing them all out because 1) they could get reabsorbed into her body and 2) if she drew everything out Paris might crash again. Basically she told us we couldn’t do anything for her, but she took some test results so we have a baseline to work with in the future.

Paris walked out of the treatment room with a clinic staff. And almost looked well. A far cry from how she was like at home. My heart soared. Maybe I have more time with her.


She got progressively better throughout the evening and night. And her appetite was back – she wanted the pear she refused in the day, she wanted the nuggets I made for her, and she wanted my kaya bread!


I think my baby is on the mend. But we have to be extremely careful from now on. We are lucky it happened when we were both at home. Looks like she should never be left alone this day forth. I don’t know how it can happen so fast; she was still fine 3 days ago when we brought the girls to Hort Park. And 2 days ago she went to a pet cafe with me. How can her condition deteriorate¬†so fast?


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